Photography is my hobby...not my job. That is what I like to tell people, even those who I am taking pictures for. I believe if I continue to keep photography as my hobby, and treat it as such then I will never grow tired of taking photos. I will always strive for improvement in my photography, continue to try new techniques and challanges , and will always look forward to the next shoot.

I have enjoyed taking photographs all my life. My Dad got me started when he gave me his old Kodak Brownie camera to use when I was in elementary school. He would buy me one roll of Black and White film every time we took a trip so I had to be careful with what I photographed. Photography quickly became a passion and I took that camera everywhere. Sadly, I no longer have that camera but my Mom still has many of the photos I took in a box in her closet. One day I'll pull them out.

During high school I bought my first 35mm SLR camera and started to photograph everything. I even set up a darkroom in the garage so I could develop and print my own B&W photos. During my Junior and Senior years in High School, I was the yearbook photographer and in college I used my photography regularly as a means of providing visuals for most of my presentations, lectures and research.

Over the next 25+ years since I graduated from college, photography became little less than a hobby, as work and raising my family occupied all of my time. I took plenty of photos of my kids and family primarily and continued to carry my camera with me when I travelled. But I lacked the passion I once had that took me out in the early morning looking for that special light to capture the art I saw in my head.

A few years ago I renewed my interest in photography and it became a serious hobby. I pulled out my old Olympus OM-1 and started shooting again. As the digital SLR cameras began to improve, I slowly began to make the switch, and have begun to expand my photographic experience to taking portraits for friends and photographing high school sports teams and events. Landscape photography and photographing wildlife is still my passion and greatest challenge, but I will always welcome any opportunity to take someones portrait or photograph any special event.

I'm enjoying photography more each day and continually look forward to the next opportunity to get out and capture that early morning sunrise, the changing climatic colors, and the wildlife living around us. I especially enjoy getting together with other photographer friends to discuss equipment, technique and unique challenges. You might say it's the "Social Photography" as much as the actual photography which has captured my interest. Working with other people to help them create that special moment and capture it for continual enjoyment is giving me a feeling of satisfaction which I haven't felt in a long time.

I hope you enjoy the portfolio of photos I have posted on this website. Please feel free to leave comments if you have any and sign into the guest book if you wish. Or drop me an e-mail, I'd love to hear what you have to say. And, of course, I would welcome the opportunity to help you capture a few special moments in your life with my photography. And remember, photography is my hobby, not my job...

Kind regards,